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Raw Honey From Real Beekeepers.



Wee Bee Raw Honey is a family owned and operated apiary coming from generations of beekeepers, since 1892. Our organic methods of keeping bees have produced a wild harvested, pure raw honey and healthy bees. This is the real thing, natural raw honey, straight from the hive, containing pollen, propolis and honeycomb for an award winning taste. We proudly produce, hand-pack and market our raw honey, without the middle man. A split apiary, with our Florida farm powered by solar energy and a portion of proceeds supporting non-profits for bee research. Try our raw honey and you will be supporting an American farm and American bees.


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    Add this to the list of wonders about your honey. My husband has been suffering terribly from acid reflux. He is a dialysis patient and is very limited in what he can consume, especially in liquid form. Desperately trying to find something that will take away the terrible burning in his esophagus, I came across a suggestion to take a teaspoon of raw honey whenever he felt the burning. He was reluctant at first, but when he was experiencing really terrible pain he tried it. Within a few moments the pain subsided. Later on he got the burning again and tried the honey again. Again, the burning was gone within moments. I am so excited. Now maybe his esophagus will have a chance to heal. This burning was a big concern because he is scheduled for a kidney transplant in 5 days, and the burning often comes when he is lying down. I just wanted you to know about the effect your honey has on acid reflux. It’s like a miracle and I’m sure there are many sufferers who would want to know about it. By the way, over the counter antacids and prescription antacids did nothing. Not even the ‘little purple pill’! Thanks!


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    I love Wee Bee Honey! Of all the raw honeys I have tasted, it is my personal favorite. It is rich and smooth, and eats like a complete food-not refined but handled in such a way that all the good elements of honey are available. A sugar craving is easily settled by scooping out a teaspoon of the honey, which is something I would never do with other honey. My son Jordan, 12 chooses this honey for a spoonful when extremely hungry and dinner will not appear soon enough.


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    Wee Bee Honey—wild, unheated, gathered from really healthy bees doing their work in wild lands, where pesticides and other chemo toxins have not yet wrecked the eco-scape. The quality surpasses the current state of New Zealand honey.


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