About Wee Bee Honey

EAAS0720We are an American family apiary. A split operation, in the state of New York and Florida. Fifth-generation beekeepers, we have been in business since 1973 coming from three generations of full-time beekeepers, and two generations of part-time beekeepers before that (five generations in all).

Mark started keeping bees when he was a mere young boy, learning from his father and grandfather. It was not long before he cultivated a love for the bees and it remains his passion till this day. Today, we have approximately 2000 bee hives and we produce and hand-pack our own raw honey, as you can imagine our work is very labor intensive. It is a family affair, with the whole family being involved especially during the busiest time of the year, the harvest. Unlike conventional honey our raw honey is completely unprocessed. We are essentially an organic farm and label our honey as pesticide free. We do not use chemicals or pesticides on or near our beehives; instead we opt to use essential oils. This helps our colonies to remain strong and healthy in the face of a national bee decline. We are deeply committed to raising our bees organically; this is who we are, at home with family and in the wild with our bees. Our bees forage only on wildflowers from plants, grasses and trees, far from any contamination. We never heat, filter or strain our honey so that all the nutritional elements are not compromised. It is like eating straight out of the hive! It is firm yet wonderfully smooth and ivory in color.

Our honey contains pollen, propolis and honeycomb all of which are very beneficial and naturally occurring in a beehive. Not only does our honey look, taste and smell different, all the live enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are still in tact. That is why it is considered a great whole food and not just a sweetener. Important to note is the fact that this type of raw honey can only come from a beekeeper. Once a beekeeper sells off his raw honey to a packer the packer has to heat it in order to bottle it, and then it is no longer raw. This type of raw honey is truly very rare. As mentioned earlier our operation requires that we produce honey in two states. When the bees are dormant and covered with snow in NY, we head south to our Florida colonies to gather honey from the wild flowers in Florida. We promote our honey not only for its award winning taste but mostly for its medicinal value. We have countless testimonials of how our raw honey has helped people medicinally with ailments such as acid reflux, ulcers, allergies, sore throat, cold, mouth sores, wounds, burns, rashes and many others. It brings us great joy and satisfaction to receive these reports! We press on in these hard times (environmentally, economically and otherwise) to do our best to do what is right for our family and for our bees.